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Sleep Well This Holiday Season

2020 has been a wild ride for all of us at Spire. For a multitude of reasons, our friends and loved ones have had difficulty experiencing consistent, steady sleep. From lockdowns and restrictions keeping us cooped up inside, to a stressful election season- our minds have been racing at all hours of the day and night. 

We are hearing from more members of the Spire community who have turned to our Nighttime oil for calming relief that helps you drift away into your dreams, all night long. Our organic tincture is formulated with Chamomile and Valerian root extracts to help calm you and get to sleep, and stay asleep all night long. We decided to go the extra mile by including only natural, non habit forming supplements in our formula, because we won't provide anything but the best for our community. We are often asked why we don’t include melatonin in our wellness products and the answer is simple: Melatonin is habit forming and doesn’t keep you asleep. Many of our nighttime users love our product because they have had bad experiences with Melatonin, from developing physical dependencies to waking up in the middle of the night. Melatonin is intended for short term use, like recovering from surgery or falling asleep on long flights. Consistent use of melatonin has been linked to headaches and increased feelings of depression, anxiety and irritability.

Our Nighttime oil soothes, relaxes, and is formulated to keep you with your dreams all night long with organic, proven supplements to enhance our CBD. We want to hear about how our tincture has helped you on your path to wellness!  

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Apr 13, 2021 • Posted by Viivianne Malmgren

I LOVE the night time CBD! I have tried so many homeopathic and medicinal remedies for sleep – and nothing has ever worked the way Spire CBD has for me. I also tried a highly popular competing brand CBD sleep gummies and they had absolutely nothing on Spire. I love that there is no melatonin – it takes my Sunday scaries and chucks them to the moon so I can drift off peacefully.

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